7 Tips to Reduce Stress

Unfortunately stress is a major component in our life today. It can be followed by worse phases of anxiety, creating a vicious cycle which can be difficult to manage. In common cases, stress effects all aspects of your life, be it relationships with partners and friends, and also at work. Stress can easily turn the most motivated and optimistic person into an empty shell of his former self. In this article we discuss some essential tips in fighting stress.

Training and physical exercise

It is a renowned fact that training is essential for our body and mind’s health. Not only do we keep our body active with a physical work-out, it is also beneficial in alleviating stress from our minds. Be it a session of jogging or a good old fashioned five a side football match with the mates, this is ideal in steering your mind away from negative thoughts, which bring about additional stress. Research proves that people who do not exercise are more likely to be negatively impacted by stress and anxiety. It reduces our body’s stress hormones, helps us get better sleep and serves to boost confidence. The benefits are endless!

Take less coffee

Funny how as soon as I wrote this sub title, I grabbed my cup and sipped coffee. Let’s adapt a do as I say , not as I do approach here: Although coffee is essential for most to start the day off on the right foot, over abusing from this beverage can have negative side effects such as increased frustration and stress. If you notice jittery habits following significant consumption of coffee, discipline yourself to take less. It is helpful for the long term. You will need to test your caffeine amount tolerance, which varies from one person to another. Although moderate intake is beneficial, it is not for everyone to over indulge in.

Seek laughter

It is difficult to get stressed when you are in the company of those who burst your guts with laughter. Seek the company of such people, as it relieves your response to stress and minimises tension as your muscles relax. You could also have a crack at watching a funny television show or a comedy movie. Most importantly, seek humour in everyday life. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!

Drink beverages which reduce stress

Replace that additional cup of coffee with camomile or green tea. These consist of elements which provide a sense of soothing relief and lessen panic and anxiety. Saying that the most important drink of the day is water is useless for most readers, but yes : water is a fundamental beverage in our daily diet and its effects are incredible.

Chew gum

A very quick and effective way to reduce stress is to chew gum. Not sure why but it could be related to the fact that it promotes blood flow to the brain!

Family time

We complain of not having enough time. If we fail in spending time with those closest to us, we are destined to a life of frustration and failure. Our family members are meant to support us and listen to our troubles. Having someone to express your concerns with and the occasional shoulder to cry on can make all the difference when you feel the walls crumbling all around you.

Tackle your issues

If you have triggers and issues which are causing stress, tackle them immediately and do not procrastinate. If a particular work deadline is on your mind and is interrupting your sleep, get it out of the way a few days early. This helps you to ascertain control over the situation and can cater for any unexpected scenarios. Learning how to prioritise and manage your time effectively are key in such instances.

Meditation and Yoga

Stress can also be managed by trying out different meditation techniques such as yoga. Stress is unavoidable and learning how to control and manage it early in your life will save you from undesirable outcomes.

Positive, happy and calm. Ommm

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