6 Signs your Partner is Having an Office Affair

6 Signs your Partner is Having an Office Affair

Most people spend a significant part of their lives in offices. During these working hours new relationships are formed as people participate in various projects with different colleagues. Spending considerable hours at the workplace can have an impact on relationships between couples. This may lead to office affairs with co-workers which can destroy families and relationships. In this article we discuss some signs which show that your partner may have an office romance going on. So if you’ve been suspicious recently, it is time to listen up!

Long hours

One of the common excuses to hide an affair is that there is a lot of work to be done at the office and that late hours are required. Whilst long hours do not necessarily constitute an affair with a co-worker, it could be a red flag especially if extended working time is not the norm. You will need to consider the role that your partner holds and their past work behaviour. If he was always very much consistent about returning home at a particular hour, and now that has totally changed, this may well be worth investigating further, especially if there is no particular deadline or project.

Work interferes with the relationship

It is understandable that one would want to place a certain priority on his job. If however, your partner has no time to address the issues in your relationship, because he is always at work, this could also be an indicator that your partner is seeing someone else.

Becoming more look conscious

If your partner is becoming more concerned with his appearance before going to work, and is alternating styles, this may be cause for concern. Obviously, this should be looked at within context, as most who work in business environments want to look their best.

Frequent ‘business travels’

If your partner is now being bombarded with frequent business travels, and this has not been the common practice over the years, you may need to delve into this further. Business trips are one of the most convenient and secluded means to have an affair without getting caught.

Less communication

If your partner has become less communicative with you, it may be that he is hiding something, and an affair could be just it. This may be the result of your partner developing intimacy with another person and is feeling the need to confide in you less.

Sudden desire to change job

Changing jobs is quite normal in our modern society. With that said, if your partner was always happy at his role and is now eager to make a quick exit, this could signal an end to a previous affair. It is quite normal that following the closing of an affair, the people being part of that saga would want to change their environment.

Whilst these mentioned points do not automatically imply infidelity, it is always a good idea to keep an eye out for suspicious behaviour. It is even more of a good idea to build a trusting relationship with your partner, and reading this article will be just for the purpose of enjoyment rather than crating more doubts.

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