You Owe Yourself a Short Walk Everyday

You Owe Yourself a Short Walk Everyday

For every piece of hard hitting evidence that exercise is a necessity for our overall well-being, there is a rebuff of claims that there is no time and that we are too busy. Whilst it is true that schedules are busier today than they have been in the past, more often than not, most of us are guilty of ignoring our body and mind need for exercise. A daily short thirty-minute walk should be the minimum time window for some exercise. In this article we discuss key benefits of a short walk on a daily basis.

It is beneficial for the heart

Regular walking contributes to a healthy heart. It reduces blood pressure and cholesterol levels, whilst also regulates blood sugar. Reducing and controlling these factors is essential, as they are the main risk factors of heart disease.

Conducive to the brain

You might notice that walking has a remarkable effect on how we react to stress. Regular walks will help you with concentration, focus and attention span. Not only that, it can also help to combat depression. Walking releases endorphins, commonly referred to as “feel-good” chemicals in the brain. In addition to this, exercise in general helps to diffuse cortisol, the stress hormone.

Enhances the bones and reduces body pain

It is one of the best activities to improve the overall health of your bones. Other body pain related to muscles, ligaments and tendons may also be associated with a lack of walking and exercise. When such body components are used less frequently, they become tighter, causing irritable pain. Walking is one of the effective ways to keep such key body elements flexible.

It burns fat

Apart from the less obvious benefits, walking helps us to maintain better weight and physique.

Helps with better breathing

When we walk, we automatically put our body in a position to require more oxygen. This way we will make our lungs work harder and build further capacity, which makes for more relaxed breathing.

Activates the senses

Apart from clearing the mind and reducing stress, walking helps us by increasing our awareness. When we are walking, we put ourselves in a serene state where we notice the different sounds and smells, as we constantly change scenery.

With all these benefits which accompany walking, what is stopping you from making this one of your resolutions? Grab a friend right now and go for a walk together, everyday.

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