The Darker Side of How Money is Made

Money doesn’t buy love but it surely buys sex in Malta

A brimming economy with various flourishing industries, Malta indeed has a solid foundation to maintain its momentum as a rapidly growing economy. Although the country has a lot to look forward to, we do hear of news about illegal business practices and people making money from illicit proceeds.

Massage Parlours or prostitution?

One recent example is the news stories published highlighting a number of massage parlours being used for prostitution. One can also argue that the sentences for those apprehended are not harsh. This raises the question as to whether the prostitutes are doing this from their own free will to earn money, or else due to human trafficking. With that said, it is quite clear to see why financially deprived people see prostitution as an attractive way to make money. News sources report that the going rate for each client is fifty Euro. If a prostitute tends to four clients a day a total of six thousand Euro a month is earned. Split that with the employer, this leaves the prostitute with three thousand a month in pocket, assuming that final earnings are divided equally. A significant amount well above the minimum wage!

Gentlemen’s Clubs

Another example would be the commercial activity going on in some clubs in Paceville. Walking through Paceville you can immediately see numerous gentlemen’s clubs all over the place. Considering that most who have set up shop are still there, this is an indication that there is demand for such places and money is being spent there. News reports that some of the girls working in such establishments are brought to Malta by agents who provide accommodation and employment. The agents however would then take a significant amount of the earnings. In certain cases the girls who work in such gentlemen’s clubs are diverted into the world of prostitution, where they meet clients outside the establishment for paid sex.

Concluding on the fact that this type of business where people offered sexual services in exchange for money goes way back in time, admitting that most prostitution ultimately is done voluntarily and not forcibly, should prostitution become legalised? How would a Catholic country react to the idea? What is your take on this subject?

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