Should you Save or Invest Money

Save or Invest Money?

Like it or not, money is an integral part of our life. It is required for our survival and without access to it we are left bare in the face of life’s daily challenges. Irrespective of whether you indulge in a high end lifestyle or barely making ends meet, money is what allows us to go through the day.

The money earned via a monthly salary, is what most people use to get through life’s expenses. In some cases we have people who struggle to keep up, whilst on the other hand we have those who still have some money by the end of the month. The latter have three main options. They can either spend, save or invest the remaining money.

The easiest option would be to spend the additional money, as both saving and investing require a certain sense of financial discipline. It is important to keep in mind that saving and investing money are not the same thing. Savings are normally funds put aside in banks via savings accounts or fixed term deposits. These are relatively low risk and are not bound for an extended period of time, earning a small interest rate return in the current market.


Considering the low interest rate market scenario, one cannot rely on this minimal amount generated for the future.  They can be set aside for emergencies or one-time expenses such as home furnishings and the purchasing of a car.

Investments on the other hand, are made with the scope to generate a significant amount of additional money. These may be at no risk, however, for more interest, will involve higher risks. In this case, returns would be superior when compared to other savings. In most cases, a large sum of money will need to be invested to reap greater returns.

One rule of thumb on whether to go for savings or investments depends on when you envisage using that money. If you imagine using it in the short-term, it would be best to place it in a savings account where you can withdraw whenever you need it. If on the other hand, you do not plan to use that money soon, it would be more worthwhile to invest it. So if you are into investing money, where would it be best to do so?


Probably the most lucrative return on investment is provided through the acquisition of property. Throughout Malta’s history we can see a clear upward incline when it comes to the value of property, which has boomed over the past few years. People who now have some capital are opting to invest that amount in a deposit for an additional property, so that they may rent it out. Not only is it one of the most attractive forms of investment, it can also be seen as a means to sustain your retirement.

Another option is to talk this through with an experienced consultant. Premium Direct Limited, is a representative for Mapfre Middlesea and Mapfre MSV. Premium Direct Limited can guide you through each step of the way, by assisting and providing the right solution for your needs and budget.

Plan and invest well for the future, whether near or as far as pension planning: Putting your mind at rest financially is a concern everybody should dedicate attention to.

You can call Premium Direct Limited on 00356 2729 4970 or email on info@premiumdirect.com.mt

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