Nas Daily Ending World Tour in Malta

Nuseir Yassin better known as Nas Daily is a video travel blogger who is renowned for his one-minute Facebook videos. Following his visit to Malta, just under a year ago, had announced that he will be ending his one-thousand-day world tour in Malta. He hosted a large event at the Malta Conference Centre on Saturday 5th January, inviting 400 people from around the world and a thousand Maltese locals to join him for a meet-up.

During his events, large crowds were present in Valletta. In one of his videos he created the slogan “Oh my Malta” which gained significant popularity and got him meetings with the President and the Malta Tourism Authority in an attempt to make it the island’s official slogan. In his attempt to bring four thousand people to his celebration, he teamed up with leading organisations and government agencies.

In his video about Malta he describes the country as surprising, highlighting the capital city of Valletta, the largest Christian churches and the food.

During his stay in Malta, he made thirteen videos about the island, acquiring a total combined views of around twenty-two million.

This was his message to you:

Dear Malta!

This post is only visible to you.

In 7 days exactly, I finish a journey that lasted 1,000 days.

I’m incredibly emotional, stressed, and anxious.

But I’m not ending on a sad note. I wanna end on a high one….in Malta!

Why Malta?

I remember my time in Malta with great joy and I couldn’t think of a better place to finish this crazy ride around the world. It’s close to home, so my parents and family can fly in. It’s great weather year round. People speak English so it’s easy to communicate. And It’s also the most at home I felt outside of home, and that feeling I don’t take lightly.

That’s why I’m throwing one last meet-up with an Orchestra, videos, friends, fun…and you. I’m inviting 400 people from all around the world and 1,000 people from Malta to join.

If you want to reserve your local seat, I’d love to see you! Luckily, unlike the rest, you don’t have to fly to get to it.

The event is on Saturday afternoon, January 5th at the MCC:


Thank you for all the support so far!

That’s 1 minute, see you…in Malta!

OH.. MY..

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