Graffiti – Art or Vandalism?

This debate has been going on for a while now. Is graffiti an art or is it damage to property? Are graffiti artists bringing life to otherwise dull areas, or are they showcasing uncalled for acts of rebellion? Do they make our villages appear dangerous and overwhelmed with crime?

With regards to the topic of graffiti, there are two fundamental rights countering each other. One is the right for freedom of expression and the other is to own property. The damage caused by graffiti artists should not be underestimated, as certain countries pay millions to remove unwanted art. In certain cases, research proves that graffiti art can actually raise the value of property prices. Apparently, having Banksy, the famous Graffiti artist spraying on your wall is beneficial to increasing the price of your property. The perception of people has evolved and now they ask whether such an art on the front walls of their home will bring them any commercial value.

image credits : www.nytimes.com , www.facebook.com/Street-Art-Malta , www.tvm.com.mt , www.youtube.com : AZA studios , http://www.circusmalta.com ,


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