Add more Greens to your Plate this Year

No great movie or story ever started with someone eating a salad or any form of greens. The cool food, as portrayed by mainstream media would be a four-hundred-gram steak cooked medium rare, coupled with a bottle of expensive red wine. Now that is far sexier than broccoli or lettuce. Ok… back to real life where such food cannot be consumed on a regular basis and some intake of vegetables is a necessity. In this piece, we discuss the importance of adding vegetables to our plates.

Vegetables are a solid basis for a healthy diet, being low in calories and equipped with most vitamins that the body needs. Some of the benefits are obvious, such as better weight management, enhanced levels of energy and an improved immune system and athletic ability.

Whilst many tend to emphasise on the less attractive elements of veggies, there are several choices and the opportunities to integrate them with your main dishes are endless. So stray away from the mentality that veggies are just some lettuce and tomatoes. Best part is that vegetables can be either eaten raw, steamed or cooked depending on your preference. One rule of thumb might be to eat raw vegetables in the summer season, whilst on the other hand, having them cooked in the winter to benefit from that warm effect.

So how can you integrate them into your diet?

First off, one of the easiest ways to include vegetables is to serve them as a side with your main dish which can include meat, fish and chicken. Preparing a sizeable portion of cooked vegetables combines a healthy alternative which can replace additional fries. Such vegetables you can include are broccoli, cauliflower and carrots, to name just a few!

You could also prepare a nice starter consisting of vegetable soup. Delicious combinations are endless, where you can prepare broccoli or a bowl of pumpkin soup, whatever your taste buds desire!

Vegetables combine nicely with pizzas as well. Take the opportunity to make your pizza more filling and tasty by including some onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, mushrooms and artichokes.

So what are the benefits of eating more greens?

The consumption of vegetables allows building resistance against common diseases which may prove fatal. Such include heart disease, different types of cancer and diabetes. They also appeal to a person’s aesthetics, where the skin is also impacted positively. The fibre which can be found in a number of vegetables also helps with weight loss and constipation.

With the number of benefits related to the consumption of vegetables, we really should adopt a more conscious approach to living better lifestyles. So when you ever get tempted for an extra side of fries, remember that another tasty option which is more beneficial for your long-term health is just as easily available.

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