Health Benefits of Drinking Beer

The Health Benefits of Drinking Beer

These healthy sides of alcoholic beverages seem to be very much supported by our readers, so following the discussion of the health benefits of whiskey and gin, today we discuss beer.

The fact that beer actually does have health benefits will be a surprise for most since the common perception of drinking too much beer, is a beer belly!

Beer reduces risk of heart attacks

We can thank the University of Scranton for this finding. The dark ales and stouts found in beer can reduce heart attacks. Beer can reduce the risk of Atherosclerosis which occurs when artery walls are consumed by cholesterol and other fatty properties, which inevitably leads to heart problems. The lead author of a study in this regard, Dr Joe Vinson, states that beer can reduce the risk of Atherosclerosis by half! Extra pint, anyone?

Keeping kidney stones at bay

Drinking beer increases the urine flow and dilutes it, hence reducing the development of kidney stones. These statements are based on an extensive study involving twenty-seven thousand middle-aged men where it was concluded that a bottle of beer a day was estimated to reduce risk by forty percent. So much for an apple a day keeping the doctor away!

Reduced chances of stroke

The Harvard Medical School and American Stroke Association conducted studies whereby it was concluded that moderate amounts of beer can reduce risk by up to fifty percent. With beer, the arteries become more flexible and blood flow is enhanced. This helps fight blood clots and the risk of a stroke is heavily reduced.

Promotes bone well-being

The significant amounts of silicon within beer promote the growth and healthiness of bones. It is important to get the amounts right. One or two glasses a day can reduce the risk of breaking bones, however more than that can be counterproductive and increases your risk of breakages.

Reduces the risk of diabetes

Research conducted by Harvard in 2011 found that one or two glasses of beer daily may reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by twenty-five percent. With beer, insulin sensitivity increases which in turn helps to prevent diabetes.

Helps with sleeping problems

Research indicates that the elements of ales, stouts and lagers stimulate dopamine which is prescribed to those who suffer with insomnia. Simply tasting beer generates dopamine and provides a soothing and calming feeling. A tablespoon of beer is enough to achieve this effect.

Helps against cataracts

Over-drinking beer will give you problems with your vision. That said, consuming the right amount might be beneficial for your eyes in the long term. Research by the University of Western Ontario found that ales and stouts are ideal in the fight against cataracts.

With that said, we always encourage moderate consumption of such alcoholic beverages and by no means do we advocate over indulgence in beer! (burps)

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