7 Signs you Have Outgrown your Job

Having a bad day at work is normal. Bad phases are also normal. Sometimes it feels like a stretch of a few days, and in worse scenarios, like months and years of work depression, anxiety and sadness. The issue arises when one is not sure whether this is a temporary phase or else the general feeling towards the role. This can make the decision to move on and search for a new role all the more difficult. In this article we discuss the major signs which indicate that you have outgrown your role.

You feel that there is no room for growth

It is possible to find yourself in a scenario where you have reached the peak of your career road within a particular company. Although at first, there may be a sense of achievement, this can be followed by dissonance, since there is nothing really to aim for and that the best you can get is already in hand. In such an environment, it is very difficult to maintain enthusiasm and motivation. If you are no longer getting promotions, it means that you have stagnated.

The work does not satisfy you

One of the main drivers of job satisfaction is the feeling of actually making an impact on the organisation you work for. If you no longer feel a sense of belonging and pride with the work you do, it may be time to seek new opportunities. This is more so true when the same tasks used to fill you with contentment.

No opportunities to learn

For employees, new opportunities to contribute in different projects normally serve as an extra boost of motivation. Apart from this, you will also be in with the chance to acquire new skills. That said, everyone needs to take on the initiative to proactively manage his career training and development by communicating with the respective decision makers.

You don’t feel you fit in any longer

There may come a time where you feel distant from the path and approach that the organisation is taking. There may also be a sense of disagreement with the decisions taken by senior management and that you no longer feel aligned with the organisation’s core values.

Your salary has not improved

You have been working hard and delivering to your targets. To your knowledge you have always given your maximum effort. That said, it has been quite a while since you were given a meaningful salary increase. If you feel that you are being treated below your market value, you should talk right away to your superiors, alternatively, it would be a good idea to seek new alternatives.

Thinking too much about “what if?”

You may find yourself in a position where you are constantly daydreaming about a better career. If you are heavily enticed by the thoughts of better job prospects with higher income, then it may be time to start your job hunt.

Eyes on the clock

If you are constantly monitoring the work office clock, eagerly awaiting five in the afternoon, you have a problem. You are dissatisfied with what you are doing and should think about pastures beyond your current workplace.

Seeking alternative solutions aside: if you are respected, and treated the correct manner a person should be, leaving your job for a different experience is never recommended. No matter how large or small, good people running businesses, will do their best to keep positive ambience and will seek solutions with their good staff members. The first solution you must attempt is to  talk things through, unless discrimination or abuse are a part of the problem.

Another angle you should see your situation from is: Do you really want to change your job or should you change your attitude?

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