7 Reasons to Ride a Motorcycle

In most common discussions, you will probably hear about the dangers of riding a motorcycle. Whilst it is undoubtedly riskier to ride a motorcycle instead of a car, in this article we discuss the benefits of riding one. Apart from the obvious little to none parking and traffic issues, riding a motorcycle is a unique experience, nothing really feels quite like it!

Beating the traffic

Going to work with a motorcycle will win you time both when you are travelling to and  from. The time saved can be used for other priority matters such as work tasks.

Saving on fuel

When compared to a car, a motorcycle will enable you to save money from less fuel consumption. Motorcycles with a small engine, can easily use a fraction of the fuel that an average car consumes. There you go! You can buy your wife an expensive gift every month now that you own a bike.

Easy parking

Although smaller in size, motorcycles get the upper hand for parking when compared to bulky SUVs and other cars. The ease of parking will spare you car park costs and the related hassle of finding space.

Environmentally friendly

Apart from the relative ease of progressing through traffic, motorcycles are also more environmentally friendly than cars. The impact in the form of the carbon footprint is much less!

The Thrill

Riding a motorcycle brings with it a certain thrill. The wind through your face as you drive in less jammed areas brings with it a certain excitement.

The Style

There is a certain aura about motorcyclists, right? When someone walks into a restaurant with a helmet under their arm, they ooze an air of confidence, which is just not the same when compared to driving a car. There is an underlying cool effect which is exclusive to motorcyclists. Car drivers tend to try hard by showing off their Benz car key on a bar table, hoping the noise, the action makes half of the effect a biker does. Dude, keep trying!

Sense of freedom

Riding a motorcycle is very much associated with a sense of escape and freedom. Whilst I am still trying to understand what this sense of freedom is, the ride on two wheels seems to provide a sense of completeness, it does not take you to the destination, it is the destination! unless you are headed to the office of course.

Ride Safe.

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