6 Tips for Men to Improve their Image

Men and vanity

It is very natural to be concerned with one’s look. An attractive appearance is correlated with a successful long-term future. A lot of opinions and tips are shared on how to improve the appearance of women, whilst even more sarcasm is shared on how men are investing their time and money to look better as well.

Since most of us are not lucky enough to end up in the Brad Pitt gene pool, we need to make the best with what we have. The painful reality of it all is that some of us will never succeed no matter how hard we try, however In this article we discuss tips for men and how they can improve their appearance. You can always give one last shot buddy!

Visit a professional barber regularly

A professional barber will be able to guide you as to which style of hair and beard suit you most, depending on the shape of your face and your lifestyle. A good barber would also be able to arm you with a cutting edge look which would be very difficult to achieve at home with your hair clipper. In this regard it would also be ideal to get rid of the excess hair and making sure your eyebrows are neat. Painful but true

Teeth whitening

Investing time and money in products which make your teeth healthy and shiny is also a good way how to maintain your look. Consistency is key! Once you have achieved your shine, you will need to work on keeping it by using whitening toothpaste and floss. Also use mouthwash to fight plaque which soaks up the colour of your teeth. In this regard, as much as possible avoid coffee, juice and wine.


Maintaining an attractive physique is also beneficial for an overall strong image. Hit the gym regularly and if you could fit in that work-out just before you go out, that would be stellar! This makes muscles appear more toned for a number of hours, plus boosts confidence and gives your skin a nice glow.

Use skin care products

Familiarise yourself with your skin type. Your skin may appear dry and cracked during the winter season, so a good moisturiser can go a long way in maintaining a fresh look. You should also consider eye cream to reduce signs of aging, sunscreen to protect against the sun’s UV rays and an exfoliator to make the skin brighter and unclog pores.

Keep an eye on the wardrobe

The clothes you wear are fundamental for the impression you give. Make sure that you maintain a good blend of both formal and informal attire. Different suits, shirts and polos will ensure that you are prepared for most occasions. You should also buy clothes which fit you well. Having expensive branded items which do not fit you well will do show you have money, but not the style.


Wearing the right perfume for different occasions is also complementary to a good look. Browse through various scents and select the ones which match you best!

Yes being handsome is no easy task. Tell me about it!

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