Why do so many People Love Juventus

On a better note: Why do so many People Love Juventus?

Following our recent article discussing why so many people hate Juventus, this time we are balancing things out and sharing an article as to why the proclaimed Bianconeri have a dominant fan base across Europe and the whole world. It is no secret that Juventus have won the hearts of a number of people in Malta. In this article, we present some of the reasons why Juventus is loved by many.

Consistent Success

The Bianconeri have a rich history of football success, including a considerable number of Serie A titles, being the team that has won the most of these, and also on a European scale, where they have won the European competition twice and performed well in it a number of times. They have also been capable to rise from the ashes, following their relegation to Serie B, having founded a solid team structure which is on par with Europe’s elite. They have won the Serie A title for the last couple of years and went on to the finals of the Champions League twice in recent years.

Football Legends

Juventus has been influential in the career development of some football players who have achieved legendary status. Goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon, central defender Fabio Cannavaro and second striker Alessandro Del Piero all have special places in the history books as terrific footballers who have graced the game, achieving remarkable success. This without mentioning the likes of Zinedine Zidane, Pavel Nedved, Lilian Thuram and Gianluca Zambrotta.

Strong Business Model

Juventus can most definitely boast one of the best business models in the footballing world. Considering that Italian teams have fewer opportunities to make big money when compared to Spanish and English teams, Juventus have developed a strong business model which competes well with the European powerhouses. Their first order of business was to construct their own football stadium, being able to generate all the profits from ticket sales, unlike all the other Italian football teams who do not own their own stadiums. Apart from this, they are transfer market maestros in acquiring excellent players at good prices. Recent examples include the acquisition of Paul Pogba for free, who became one of the world’s most influential players. A year before that, they brought in midfield genius Andrea Pirlo, also for free and Arturo Vidal for just 10.5 million Euro. This trio formed one of the most formidable midfielders in Europe for a while, and for just very little expense.

No player is bigger than the club

Whilst a number of world famous football teams have had their issues in managing their star players, Juventus seem to have developed this aura of internal discipline, where all football players are respectful of authority. In cases where football players have been deemed to behave inappropriately, Juventus sell that particular player immediately. Apart from this, they have never had any trouble in selling high profile players and still managed to continue on their road of consistent success.

Any other reasons why Juventus is a loved football club? Share with us your thoughts as I cannot try any harder than this. Ha!

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