The Life of Michael Schumacher

You do not need to be a big fan of Formula 1 to respect the legend that is Michael Schumacher. He is the leader in world championships and races and enjoyed an illustrious career which spanned nineteen seasons. Unfortunately he was plagued by a serious injury which could have easily cost him his life. An accident where he was skiing in France, left him with serious head injuries where he spent a lengthy stay in the hospital. Little is known about his current condition…

Jordan team boss, Eddie Jordan with his new driver Michael Schumacher, who qualified a fantastic 7th in his first race.
Belgian Grand Prix, Spa, 25 August 1991  Image credits: skysports.com

The beginning of his phenomenal career took place for Jordan at Spa, where he took on his debut drive. He qualified seventh. His career was marked with controversy from the offset, as he was prised away and started racing for Benetton. During his stint with Benetton he managed to overtake and end the Williams team’s domination with a classy win on his debut. He did this by taking a call to switch tyre types earlier than his competitors, leaving his skill to do the rest.

In 1994, it was beginning to become clear that Michael Schumacher would leave his imprint on the world of Formula 1. Most of the previous champions were retiring or had already retired. During this year he won more than half the races, nine out of sixteen!

This was marred by the accusations of cheating made towards his Benetton team. This followed a disqualification and a two-race ban. This left him in a precarious position as he risked losing that year’s championship. He won the Driver’s title by a point that year!

The following season was less eventful where Schumacher won his second title with less controversy, showcasing his driving brilliance.

1996 was the magical year where he joined Ferrari. This was ensued by a few years of disappointment for the legendary driver as he spent a couple of years with no championship wins. In 1998, he was close to winning the Championship, but his car overheating and a fatal tyre puncture was enough to end his hopes and confirm worthy challenger Hakkinen as the champion. 2000 was the year Schumacher won his first driver’s championship with Ferrari. He would keep winning until 2004. The end of his dominion was influenced by the change of rules, banning tyre changes. The following year this was overruled, allowing Schumacher to showcase his brilliance once more, although with more stifling competition in the form of Fernando Alonso, who won the championship that year.

He joined Mercedes in 2010. His return was lacklustre when compared to his previous success. He was associated with desperate driving as he was penalised for almost pushing Rubens Barrichello into the pit wall as the pair battled for position. Shortly following his retirement, he suffered the accident in France, which is mentioned earlier on.

Although an experienced skier, Schumacher fell at very little speed and damaged his head by hitting a rock. According to Mail Online, Mr Schumacher is not bed-ridden or existing on tubes anymore.
However, it is believed the sportsman is receiving extensive nursing and therapy care.

Again, whether a Formula one enthusiast or not, we wish more positive health news for the legend: Michael Schumacher.

I retired simply because I didn’t have the passion and motivation anymore; I was tired. At the time I thought, ‘Well, I had a great time, there is the end.’ At some moment, there is the right time to call it an end.

Michael Schumacher



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