Don’t buy in December, Shop in January!

Don’t buy in December, Shop in January!

December or better Christmas season are well renowned for excessive spending and shopping. It has become commonplace to extend the Christmas spending drive all the way into January, as if drying up your bank account in December only is not enough! With that said you can find a number of sales opportunities across many retails shops, both physical and online!

If you think that you are done with your Christmas shopping, you are mistaken, as the holiday shopping season is still at its peak. World-renowned fashion giants and department stores, start slashing their prices down at 50 to 70 per cent in an attempt to compel consumers to benefit from the bargains available.

January sales is a good time to stock up items worth purchasing, such as clothing, gadgets, electronics and home furnishings.

Here we discuss the reasons why people may indulge in excessive shopping this time of year.

Uplift your mood

The cold weather and grey skies are synonymous with a less positive mood, commonly labelled as the “winter blues”. For some, visiting shops during this winter season is a way to uplift their mood.

Marketing may be stronger than you think

The drive to spend is also influenced by the constant adverts and commercials creating a sense of urgency to acquire that particular product at a reduced price. The same can be said for online adverts which appear in front of our eyes whilst browsing from the comfort of our own home, making it all the more easier to buy.

Save and save some more

It is also ideal to buy this January so that you can save in the long term. With the available sales, you will encounter products that are set at lower prices, just for January.

Most men spend their money on gadgets, cars, electronics and clothing. Women, on the other hand, spend most of their money on cosmetics, clothing, shoes, perfumes, cocktails, Gadgets, handbags, and a million other things. Women are proven to be the bigger buyers, however, women also tend to save more money than men.

Women! Can you explain this, please?

So what will you be spending your money on this coming January? I would probably get my gym membership back on.

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