Can you lose weight after the festive season?

The festive season brings with it joy,  happiness and excessive eating. One of the most eventful times of the year where you can kick back, relax and indulge in the Christmas cheer. Excessive events and parties make it very hard to avoid eating more than you really should.

It is that time of year where you add on a few pounds, making the following weeks difficult to fit in your favourite clothes. Having the willpower is necessary and maintaining discipline can seem daunting, especially when you see everyone else not giving a care in the world about excessive eating and drinking. It would be ideal to weigh yourself a minimum of twice a week. You cannot control what you cannot measure, so you will need to keep a close eye on how you are doing. Keeping tabs on how much you weigh will indicate whether you need to take a step back.


Start your day with a brisk walk

During the festive season and also the following weeks, it would be ideal to step up your training. Start the day by engaging in physical exercise. This will not only help compensate for the food and drink consumed, but will also boost your metabolism.


Say no

Go for the food you really like and avoid other types which you do not really want. Simply say no to food which you can do without! Willpower is like a muscle, the more you work on it, the better you become at it. Also, avoid instances where you take on the leftovers. These are additional calories that you do not need!

Drink water

The importance of drinking water can never be overstated, especially during this period. Consuming water and water-rich foods are essential in keeping yourself healthy and to avoid eating more food than you should. Chewing slowly will also help you to eat less! Although this can be daunting and irritable due to our busy lifestyles it can help with controlling food intake.

Fruit not cake!

Getting plenty of potassium helps to retain less water. Potassium alternatives include bananas, kiwis and strawberries!

More control

Finally, we strongly recommend controlling your cravings. Think about your long-term benefit where you maintain a healthier lifestyle and a more slim look.

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