Are you a Backstabber?

Backstabbing can be defined as “the act of saying harmful or unpleasant things about a person when they are not present”. We hear a lot about this and you can practically say that everyone has fallen victim to backstabbing at one stage of his life or another. It is safe to assume that you can meet such individuals in any organisation. These are dangerous people who not only keep their jobs, but also progress within the company because they are able to show varied sides of themselves to different people.

Most will relate to those who were betrayed by someone who they believed was their friend, who turned into an enemy in the moment of truth. This is in fact, one of the ways a backstabber strikes. In this article, we discuss different ways how to identify such backstabbers.


One of the oldest tricks backstabbers use is to share with you a piece of good gossip, to build a relationship and in turn, you would divulge something that you would have heard. They would only share this information with you because it benefits them. Another similar behaviour trait of backstabbers can be noticed in the way they communicate with higher up figures in the corporate ladder. They tell superiors what they want to hear, however they pin their concealed opinion on other employees so that others look bad.

Seeking attention

Backstabbers also steal the limelight. They first promise to help you with their project, which will raise their profile with senior executives and will then take all the credit for the project that you completed. They will also put you in a negative light with your boss, by twisting your comments into something which does not go down well or by reporting a few shortcomings. This is driven by the fact that backstabbers always want to feel that they have the upper hand. In certain instances, they will boast that they have good relationships with high-level managers and will offer to communicate your ideas, serving as a messenger of sorts. Do not fall for this! They will attempt to steal the fine details of your proposal and claim it for their own.

When things spiral downwards, backstabbers will not hesitate to let you and other team members take the fall. This is one of the main signs which indicates that an employee is not trustworthy.


You will also notice such backstabbing behaviour when the lying starts. Backstabbers tend to lie to promote their own agenda and it will end up being difficult for them to keep track of all the lies, so they will mix up at some point.

Remember that such individuals are not worth your time! Do not let yourself be hurdled by such people. Keep positive and maintain your distance from backstabbers.

More importantly, after reading this article, Are you a backstabber?

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