What does Christmas Really Mean

This Christmas is for you to give more than you receive.

The Christmas season has a variety of connotations for different people around the world. It is normally that time of year where we expect everyone to be jolly and take a good break after a hectic year. It is the feast intended to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, with a very strong family theme, where spending time with relatives for large Christmas lunches is the norm.

It is a season driven by commercial activity.

During this time of year people buy gifts for their loved ones and also for themselves as they approach the end of year. It is the time for parties and events where you are normally invited to a lot of functions, where you can eat and drink excessively. Such examples include the work Christmas party, family gatherings and other events such as Christmas Eve breakfast, which is shortly followed by a New Year’s Eve dinner or party.

A time of year where many opt to take a well-deserved break and go abroad to visit another country to see how that particular place celebrates the Christmas spirit. You will be surprised how different countries celebrate the same feast in various ways! For most, Christmas heralds the dawn of a new beginning as the end of year steadily approaches.

By the same token, Christmas does not necessarily equate to cheer for all. There are some people who unfortunately could not afford to participate in this Christmas cheer. This is due to a lack of finances to purchase gifts and attend different events. For such people Christmas is not the joyful time of year as they see people enjoying things they could not. Not only that, you find people who are lonely and cannot enjoy Christmas with their loved ones, because they have none.

This Christmas, let’s spare a thought for those who are not as fortunate…

Give, donate and love more.

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