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Coca-cola – The Many Uses

Coca-cola is one of the leading brands in history, with a success track record spanning over decades. Research and surveys indicate that Coca-cola was the second most popular word after ‘hello’, back in 2014. The renowned beverage knows its inception in 1886, due to the brilliance and curiosity of Dr. John S. Pemberton, a pharmacist from Atlanta. The term “Coca-cola” was coined by his partner and book-keeper, Frank M. Robinson.

The first servings of Coca-cola were sold for five cents per glass. During this first humble year, sales averaged nine servings per day in Atlanta. Today it is estimated at 1.9 billion globally. It is one of the leading beverages and has become one of our friends at the dinner table.

So apart from its conventional use, that of being drank whilst eating, it has a number of other uses.

For one, and please do not be put off Coca-cola from now onwards, it produces remarkable results when cleaning your toilet. All you have to do is pour Coca-cola in the commode and wait for an hour before scrubbing or flushing. The end result will be a sparkling toilet.

It also works wonders for stains on clothes. You can combine it with your detergent and achieve fantastic results without spending money on expensive stain removers. This is due to the carbonic and phosphoric acid which can be found in this beverage. I have not tried this part and please dont hold us responsible should you decide to try it out.  

So, we can clearly realise that Coca-cola has astounding cleaning benefits. Do you know what else it can clean well? Windows! Due to its citric acid, it works similar to citrus fruit-based window cleaners.

It can also be used as a bug killer. Insects are enticed by the sweet and fizzy properties, however consuming it will kill them. Get creative and see how you can lure those pesky critters into having a taste and get rid of them!

You can use Coca-cola to fade the colour of your hair. If you have dyed your hair darker than you wish, don’t panic and run back to your hairdresser, let the drink do the work for you. Speaking of hair, if you end up in an unfortunate situation where you have gum stuck to your hair, you can avoid the painful process of having to pull it off and plugging off your hair, by dripping some Coca-cola and waiting for a few minutes. This way you can pull it out with less pain.

It can also be used to dilute pain after being bitten or stung by a bee, bug or jellyfish. This is due to the chemicals in Coca-cola.

Apart from the more serious stuff, you can have some fun with it as well. Grab a bottle of coke, pour in a Mentos or two and watch the fountain display taking place before you!

Do you have any other uses for Coca-cola, and after reading this article, would you still consider drinking five or six Coca-cola daily ?

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