Benefits of Being Bald

Bald vs Hair

Growing bald is one of the worst fears pertaining to physical appearance that most men endure. The strands of hair found on pillows and increasingly growing bald patches serve as a source of frustration and anxiety for several men. It is associated with growing older and becoming less attractive, hence the negative connotations and additional stress. With that said, going bald does not need to be considered as a terrible ordeal, as it has its own benefits.

Being bald is an indication that you have an efficient metabolism and high levels of testosterone. This helps maintain the body in shape, a healthy weight and the development of muscles. Having high testosterone levels is also beneficial due to less fat concentration in the face, which makes it appear more attractive. Having a bald look makes you appear more masculine. Bald men are generally seen as stronger, more assertive and taller, apart from being associated with more manly jobs.

Apart from the physical aesthetics aspect, you will save money and much more time. You will not need to buy shampoo, conditioner, brushes, hair gels and will make less visits to the barber. The time bonus is associated with the fact that you no longer need to style your hair and shampoo when you are showering.

Being bald allows you also to put off most caps and hats. They are more stylish that way!

The perception of bald men in the business world is also positive. They are seen as having superior leadership skills, being more assertive and stronger. Some of the world’s most influential people such as Winston Churchill, Vladimir Lenin, Mahatma Gandhi and Vladimir Putin have lost their hair.

Once you are bald, you no longer have to face the fear of balding and spend ridiculous amounts of money on hair therapy which can be very exhausting and stressful. Once you have accepted that you are bald, you have already come to the realisation that it is not as bad as most picture it to be.

Going bald may make you appear older at first, but as time progresses you will have no grey hair, and will maintain a similar look for decades, keeping the look of the same age for a long time. This is coupled with the fact that the focus on your better features will be made more evident, because people will not be distracted with the way your hair looks.

Last but definitely not least, summers will become all the more better as the excess heat which normally accompanies a full head of hair will be gone. This will make your summer a bit more bearable.

“Anyone can be confident with a full head of hair. But a confident bald man – there’s your diamond in the rough.” – Larry David


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