Toxic People

Most toxic people are unbelievable, and not in a good way! Some of them are genuinely unaware of the damage they do to the people around them, whilst others seem to take joy from creating problems and negatively impacting others. As much as how important it is to adapt to different types of people and understand what makes them tick, toxic people will end up taking most of your time and energy, meaning they are not worth the stress. In this regard, the stress they cause is not healthy for us psychologically.

It is often said that you are heavily influenced by the five people you spend the most time with. Even if just one of these people is toxic, They will have a negative toll on you and will hinder your development. Identifying such people is key in learning how to avoid them completely. In this article, we discuss different types of toxic people so that you would be able to identify them.

One type of toxic people can be classified as gossipers.

They enjoy the dissemination of information which pertains to the misfortune of others. They take joy in seeing other people suffer and not achieving their objectives simply because they feel that they are not achieving themselves. Avoid these people at all costs. There are so many positive things to look and learn from and your time would definitely not be spent wisely if you are peering into the personal lives of others. Gossipers can be classified as similar to the judgemental type of toxic people. This group classifies people into different inferior categories to fit their own personal preference. They enjoy looking down on people as it puts them in a bubble of superiority.

Toxic people have no control over their emotions. They will succumb to what they are feeling and will aggressively lash out at you if you do not act the way they want you to. They are tough to avoid and difficult to handle since they are capable of making you feel bad for them and the way they feel. How can we miss those who continuously victimise themselves? At first, you tend to empathise with such people and their problems, however as time progresses you will understand that they are always the victim and tend to steer away from the first obstacle which crosses their path.

Always avoid the narcissistic ones. These are toxic people who are self-absorbed and couldn’t care less about the problems of others, as long as they are the ones on top, nothing matters. They simply use people like you to build on their already inflated self-esteem. These people are generally envious of others and do not feel happy when others are performing successfully. For them, the grass is always greener on the other side and it would be unwise to reveal your accomplishments to them. Another common trait amongst such people is manipulation. These are tricky to deal with and will do practically everything to use your weaknesses to achieve what they want. They may appear charming and friendly, but deep down there is a hidden agenda that they will want you to succumb to.

When discussing toxic people, we also need to make reference to those who are simply driven by bad intentions. They will do everything in their power to inflict pain and misery or to take something away from others. The quicker you spot such people, the better!

One key identifier of toxic people is that they act irrationally. Their behaviour goes against logical reasoning. The more you see of such behaviour, the more you should identify that it would be ideal to avoid such people. Do not attempt to beat these people at their own game. Simply distance yourself from such individuals, interacting with them only if absolutely necessary. Once you have identified them as toxic people, you will be more likely to anticipate their behaviour and adapt accordingly.

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