Do you want to Quit Smoking?

Do you want to Quit Smoking?

We hear a lot about the dangers of smoking and how it can negatively impact our health both in the short and long-term. Such health issues include coronary disease, increased chances of stroke, lung cancer and higher blood pressure. So what practices can we adopt to stop smoking once and for all?

Decide when to make a stop.

For one, you will need to set an actual date and time when to stop. Cut off smoking at that time and not earlier, since cutting down beforehand may give us that psychological feel that cigarettes are precious when they should not be treated as such. Once the pre-set date and time is upon you, commit to it and look to the future with optimism.

Smoking does not make sense.

Looking at it logically, cigarettes take away more than the benefit they give, so in reality, you are not missing out anything, just being a nicotine slave in actual fact. Adopting the mindset that you are losing nothing and gaining a lot is key to maintaining your commitment of being a non-smoker. You are making inroads in your health, energy, money, confidence, self-respect, freedom and in the duration and overall quality of your life. You will start benefitting immediately as you put out your final cigarette.

Be committed.

To consolidate your commitment to having a final cigarette: This will be one of the most important decisions you will make as your quality of living will improve drastically. Regardless of what may hit you in the future, commit yourself that this would be the last cigarette in your life and that you will never take nicotine in any form again. Never doubt this decision or think of going back!

Do not fear symptoms, fear dangers.

The withdrawal symptoms are temporary and will pass quickly. Following these few craves for a number of days, you will no longer suffer the symptoms. Smokers, on the other hand, will continue getting these craves for the rest of their lives.

Control your thought.

Enjoy social occasions and accept the fact that there may be smokers around. Do not feel saddened that you cannot indulge in this very short-term and harmful activity but pity those around you who are still smokers. They will envy you because of your self-discipline of steering away from cigarettes and nicotine.  Remember, no smoker wants to see their children start smoking, so deep down they do regret the decision they took when they started smoking. In reality, it is the smokers themselves who are deprived of their health, energy, money and peace of mind. Simply refuse any cigarette which is offered to you and take the opportunity to tell people that you are a non-smoker and share the story on how and when you stopped.

Never start again.

Fight the urge of having just one cigarette here and there after you have stopped. If you fall back into the trap of having a cigarette, you will start smoking regularly again, so best just to avoid all together. In this regard, you should also avoid substitutes, since these will enforce your perception that not smoking is a sacrifice. They are also a hindrance because they maintain your addiction to nicotine.

Ditch your cigarettes.

The last piece of advice here is one of the most important. Ditch your cigarettes completely. Do not leave a pack just for an emergency because this means that you are doubting your decision and do not have faith in your ability to control yourself. You are a non-smoker, so you do not need cigarettes!

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