Are you travelling this Christmas?

It has become quite the trend to travel for long periods of time either via a flight or else a hired car. With more exotic places becoming easily accessible for travel and the enjoyment of the independence that you can travel at your leisure, a lot of people are taking the plunge of setting up their holiday in a less conventional manner, whereby they do not depend on tourist guides and excursions but would rather set their own plan. In this article, we discuss some tips for those planning long haul travel.

First off, you will need to plan the clothes you will be wearing and the type of environment you will be in. If you are traveling for ten hours on a flight, you will likely need some form of layering, considering that you will be in a seated position, with lack of movement in an airconditioned area. Having several layers such as a t-shirt and a light jacket will allow you to adapt depending on the temperature. Obviously, if you would need to look smart, it would be ideal to have your suit in your hand luggage and change once at the airport. This dressing approach should also apply for when you are driving for a number of hours and will heavily depend on the weather conditions of the country you decide to visit.

You will also need to plan for sleep and snacks. Sleeping in planes can be quite challenging especially if you are a light sleeper! Take essentials such as a travel pillow and ear plugs if you feel this helps you sleep during your flight. Take advantage of any exercise opportunity. It will help you recover from the stiffness of long travel and jet lag. Preparing snacks could also help you maintain focus both if you are driving and also travelling. Some studies found that food that contain lots of carbohydrates are best to combat jet lag.

Taking opportunities to move around a bit would also be ideal. Travel time spent on flights and cars may well impact your mood, so it would be good to give your body a break through some movements and a couple of exercises. Take the opportunity to stop at a petrol station and get a coffee if you are driving for long hours. This will help you just in case you feel a bit drowsy and reduces the risk of dosing off whilst you are driving.

It is also important to keep yourself hydrated by drinking some water. It would be best to avoid alcohol as this can dehydrate you further. Don’t forget your chargers! Keep your phone charged to act as your GPS and your laptop/tablets with enough battery to get your source of entertainment when on a flight.

With that said, do enjoy the ride this Christmas as you travel from one area to the other and explore new places.

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