Whiskey is Healthy

Ever been told that alcohol in its various forms is bad for you? In most cases this is the actual equivocal opinion everyone expresses. More so ever in this time of year, you are constantly reminded that drinking is bad for you and that you should avoid it at all costs. Very rarely do you hear anyone say that alcohol actually has a few benefits, here and there. In this article, we discuss the reasonable consumption of whiskey and why it can prove beneficial, contrary to what many people say.

One of the health benefits of whiskey is that it prevents cancer and heart diseases. The ellagic acid found in whiskey is an extremely powerful antioxidant. It neutralises free radicals that cause a number of diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular illnesses, Alzheimer’s and premature ageing.

Whiskey also reduces internal blood clotting. If you get blood clots in key areas, due to high cholesterol, this can be catastrophic and could lead to strokes, thrombosis, heart attacks and death. Since whiskey is a blood thinner, the chances of excess clotting are reduced.

It boosts your immune system against colds, illnesses and infections. When you see movies where whiskey is poured on wounds to avoid infections, that it is not fiction. Whisky is used to fight wound infections. It also helps regulate insulin and glucose levels and is therefore a fighter against diabetes. Research indicates that whiskey can reduce the chance of diabetes up to thirty to forty percent.

In addition to these, whiskey is also found to reduce the chances of dementia, improving your cognitive function. This applies to whiskey when consumed in moderation, otherwise it backfires and ends up destroying brain cells, rather than enhancing your cognitive function. When compared to other alcoholic beverages such as beer, whiskey is less likely to impact your weight.

Alcohol is generally perceived as a negative element which can contribute to liver damage and can impact your lifestyle, bringing to the fore a number of repercussions. If drank responsibly, it can actually bring about some benefits mentioned earlier on. Two or three ounces a day is not enough to get you drunk or impact your health negatively, but would be sufficient to give you a boost for the essential bodily functions.

Enjoy the occasional ‘grokk’ or two this Christmas!

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