The Keto Diet

The Keto diet is a high-fat and low carb eating methodology. Eating more fats and fewer carbs put your body in a state of ketosis. This is a metabolic state where your body is conditioned to burn fat instead of carbs, leading to rapid and substantial weight loss. Some of the benefits accompanying this weight loss include increased energy and a lack of craving for sugar. The good side of Keto is that delicious food such as steak, chicken, bacon and fish subscribe under this diet plan.

So how do you prepare for this type of diet?

First off, familiarise yourself with foods you will be eating and avoiding. In the initial stages, you will need to limit your carbs to around twenty to thirty a day. You will need to identify which foods have most carbs, fat and protein so as to ensure you are eating the right things. It is not solely bread, pasta, fries, cookies, candy and ice cream that contain carbs. Although there are some foods which contain protein such as beans, they are also high in carbs. The same can be said for fruit and vegetables, which also contain carbs. Foods which do not contain carbs are meat (protein) and fats such as butter and oils.

Fat is very much associated with a lack of healthiness. A high-fat diet will feel uncomfortable at first, therefore will require some transition time. You will need to start by integrating more and more fat slowly into your diet, replacing your carbs.

Plan your meals accordingly and ensure you are well versed with cooking certain dishes.

This is important to ensure that you do not end up in a situation where you do not know what to eat, having to turn to carbs. In addition to your diet, coffee combined with coconut oil or butter is a Keto-friendly beverage which will keep hunger away.

The change in diet can have some side effects, one of which is termed the Keto flu. This is due to the body’s shock in adapting to less carbs. You may suffer flu-like symptoms with difficulties in climbing stairs and lethargy in your limbs. In this regard, it would be ideal to start this diet when you are not jam-packed with work and deadlines.

The Keto diet should not be treated as a long-term plan. It is designed for the short-term, so you will need an eating plan for when this phase is complete. It is recommended to avoid reverting to the old diet containing lots of carbs. The objective of the Keto diet is to adopt a healthy lifestyle with less bread, pasta, flour and sugar.

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