Is Social Media Controlling your Life

There was a time when communication was much more meaningful, where it meant actually meeting physically to speak to a friend. In today’s world, social media has brought us closer to those who are far however, has distanced us from those who are close. Just have a look at the time spent in households, where each family member is hooked on to his individual devices scrolling through Facebook and Instagram, getting to know what their network is up to.

Social media has become an addiction to most people. Take a look you and see people’s behaviours in social gatherings/events. During most times you see people hooked onto their phone completely oblivious to their surroundings.

Here we discuss some unhealthy traits of social media and how checking our profiles has become an obsession.

Are you capable of leaving your phone home for a couple of hours when you go out?

Do you feel comfortable with detaching for a few hours without feeling isolated and lost?

Most people would find this impossible, since they are missing out on their Facebook and Instagram updates.

People also find it difficult to accept a lack of engagement on their social media updates. Ever encountered someone who asks you to Like their photo? Yes, I am referring to those addicted to social media attention. Another unhealthy behaviour which can result in a funny ending is checking your social media profiles whilst you are walking, with no regard as to what or who you are walking into.

Another irony is the fact that we have more friends online than in real life. We are more concerned with the minimal engagement of semi-strangers than real, honest feedback.

Another trait is the fact that for most, social media is the first thing they view in the morning and the last thing they access before they go to bed.

Self-discipline is key to ensure that social media does not take control of our life, relationships and job performance. Being easily accessible as it is we need to take measures to make it less tempting to view our phones every couple of minutes. Such efforts include deleting apps from our phones which give us instant access to social media with a simple tap. It would also be ideal to find healthier alternatives when you are bored or stressed, such as a walk or breathing exercises rather than engaging in time-wasting scrolling.

An effective way to reduce your social media usage is to reward yourself when you spend a significant amount of time not checking your profile, such as ten minutes of break for two hours of no social media usage.

“We’re living at a time when attention is the new currency. Those who insert themselves into as many channels as possible look set to capture the most value. ”
Pete Cashmore, Founder of

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