Are you a Coffee Addict?

There is nothing better than a cup of strong coffee after a good night’s sleep. Coffee works wonders in enhancing our concentration levels and focus for the day ahead. Not only that, coffee brings with it that unique rich, roasted aroma and that wonderful sweet-yet-bitter taste.

Due to the positive short-term effects of caffeine, people tend to enjoy their several cups a day of coffee, earning themselves the label of coffee addicts. That said, coffee is not necessarily bad for you, in fact, when consumed in appropriate amounts it is quite beneficial. The excess of coffee and caffeine would be a problem since it can result in sleeping problems, heart palpitations, nervousness and frustration. In this article, we discuss some signals which indicate that you may just be a bit too reliant on coffee.

Headaches if you miss coffee

If you drink coffee regularly and find that whenever you are caffeine deprived, you can get headaches. These are definitely an issue and this is due to the changes in blood flow to the brain since caffeine slows it down.

Being moody before the first cup of coffee

Are you moody before your morning coffee? Do you see those who talk to you in the morning before your cup as an annoyance? You are most certainly not alone. Caffeine stimulates dopamine and adrenaline which makes us feel great. Without the intake of coffee our body relies on its biological self to fix our mood.

No caffeine, no concentration

If we become too reliant on coffee boosts, our concentration levels can take a dip when we are caffeine deprived. This can make mundane tasks feel unbearable and difficult to complete.

Needing more for the same effect

If you started off with one/two coffees a day and now you need five to maintain the same effect, this is a strong indicator that your body has developed a tolerance to caffeine and it is having a reduced impact on your way of working. This is where it becomes difficult, to decide whether to stop the coffee intake and suffer the withdrawals or else drinking more.

Nervousness and anxiety

Overindulging in caffeine can cause nervousness and anxiety. When feeling overly stressed, it would be wise to cut down until you reach stable mood levels. This stress in the body is created due to the additional rush of adrenaline.

Thought of giving up on coffee? No way!

If you cannot fathom the thought of cutting off or reducing coffee, you are most likely dependant on it to a certain degree. Experts suggest that cutting coffee needs to be done slowly and not abruptly, so as not to shock your system.

So are you a coffee addict? Do you feel any of the above symptoms on a regular basis? Are you capable of reducing coffee?

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