Parenting Behaviours that Keep Children from Growing into Leaders

A very sensitive topic is that which relates to raising children and the best approaches on how to do this properly. Speaking to different parents will give you a variety of opinions on how to manage your child’s growth. The mere hint of criticism sparks defensiveness and a concrete wall at any new ideas which such parents deem unfit for the upbringing of their children. In this article, we discuss damaging approaches which hinder children from developing leadership skills.

Not letting our children experience risk

As parents, it is instinctive to protect your children at any given chance of danger. The fear of losing our kids in view of any risk which may arise is simply too great for most parents. The unfortunate reality of this approach is that we have eliminated the healthy risk-taking part of growing up. Studies indicate that if children don’t play outside and experience some bruises and scratches they are more likely to develop phobias as adults. Children need to develop their character, understanding that it is normal to fall a couple of times whilst teens need to experience a break to appreciate the emotional maturity required to sustain a relationship. If the element of risk is eliminated from children’s lives they will likely develop arrogant attitudes, suffering from low self-esteem.

Fixing their problems

Problem-solving skills are lacking in today’s generation of youngsters. It has become all too common where children are raised by having their parents solve their problems for them. This means that children do not build experience by navigating through the hardships of life. There will be a time when parents will no longer be able to rush to the aid of their children since this is not the way the real world works.

Senseless Complementing

It is natural to feel and want our children to be special. This mentality that our children are achievers, irrespective of their level is detrimental. We have grown accustomed to an approach that all children who participate in a sports day get a medal or trophy to safeguard their self-esteem and minimise bullying. Kids will then be led to the hard realisation that it is only their parents who think they are special and that the rest of society does not share in this sentiment. They will become keen on cheating and lying so that they can avoid the harsh realities of life.

Allowing guilt to get in the way of discipline

In today’s society where both parents work, it can be easy to feel guilty of disciplining our children when they are wrong. The disappointment of being disciplined, they will get over that. The effects of being spoiled, however, is a totally different story.

Not leading by example

Parents need to lead their children by example. If you preach that lying is wrong, never justify lying and avoid doing it. Be careful to follow a good moral compass where decisions taken are based on a sense of good. If kids are exposed to bad behaviour, they will take note of such actions and will replicate.


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