Battle of the Titans – BMW vs Audi

The BMW and Audi are two fantastic luxury brands that offer plenty of top-notch cars and SUVs. For most a car is a reflection of one’s reputation and owning such a vehicle is a means to portray high social status. So what exactly lies in the psyche and attitudes of BMW and Audi drivers?

The first association is that owning one of these babies is enough to launch you into having a reputation of being rich. Stating that you own a BMW or an Audi during dinner is enough to have a few faces look at you with admiration, with an immediately formed impression that you are well off.

Both types of drivers have quite a reputation that the road was freely given to them and that they have every right to manoeuvre as they please. Give ways? Stop signs? One-way signs? And even roundabouts, these are just small frailties which the common folk who do not own such cars need to worry about.

In this regard, owners of such cars are associated with fast, reckless and unsafe driving. Some suggest that this stems from the overconfidence associated with owning such a brand and the feeling of success and superiority.

Is this merely an association or an unfair stereotype? Is a car brand enough to group a segment of people under one umbrella? Last but not least who is the worst driver to encounter? A BMW or an Audi driver? I’d say a Mercedes driver.

Cover image : https://www.autoevolution.com

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