Branded clothing: A complex or simply stylish?

The first impressions that someone forms about us are largely dependent on how we choose to project ourselves. If we are careless in our appearance, others may think that we are disorganised and unreliable. If we dress up in smart attire, then all is good and we convey a message of style, trust and dependability. Add an extra few hundreds in branded wear and you are now rich, successful and everybody drools at the image you portray.  

Ironically, a research held locally proves that only a few opt to buy expensive brands due to their good quality. The overwhelming majority do so because they want to be associated with the higher end of the social spectrum.

Why this social stigma, that makes us choose to buy branded items, simply because they cost more than the average label?

Brand name clothing gives a positive impression to those around you. So in essence, this can be directly correlated with our level of self-confidence. That said, one must admit that expensive clothing is not necessarily an indicator of success. Just have a look at successful individuals who are known for their lack of grandeur fashion sense, such as Apple icon Steve Jobs, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Virgin’s Richard Branson. They are known for their same style of clothing based on the premise that they focus their decision making on other things that matter!

Most wealthy individuals are not interested in the expression of clothing, Rich people like to invest or spend their millions on expensive yachts, villas and ‘things’ which they can indulge and benefit financially and leisurely.

Balance is key. Purchasing branded clothes makes us feel good due to an enhanced appearance, nonetheless, it is advised be done responsibly without compromising the quality of your life or your financial security.

In the end, a shirt should never be the measurement of a success story behind the person wearing it.

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