Why is Content King?

A world which is constantly firing content at us. Everywhere you look, advertising, real and fake news, opinions and religions, literally everything is communicated to us via different media channels. The internet, television, radio and paper advertising will never run out of content to have delivered to us because after all, the world of communication has one constant mission: To create as many stories to tell you, in order to draw your attention towards the medium.

What relevance does content have? Do people process it? Do people listen to it? What effect does it leave?

In simple terms, content can take on many forms and can range from a simple internet advert to a printed advertorial, it can take on both written or visual format. It should focus on the customer and aim to address their relevant concerns and questions.

In view of all the competition that exists, it is important to create unique, high quality, authentic and relevant material for consumer consumption. If the content created does not pertain to these features, it is highly likely that your message is lost amidst the daily clutter.

Content cannot be ignored as without it, companies have nothing to communicate. Can you imagine Facebook, Instagram LinkedIn and Google with no content? They would basically be empty platforms which no one would visit because they would not need to. So in this day and age, why is content king?

Content spurs engagement

People reading your content can engage with your brand and develop their own perceptions of it. The most obvious signs of engagement can be traced through online channels, via Likes, Comments and Shares. In the best scenarios following a purchase, there will also be positive word of mouth which leads to more brand engagement. In today’s world, this is mostly found through a reviews section on any social media platform.

Increased website traffic

Creating interesting content which is relevant to your audience will ultimately arouse curiosity amongst your readers which leads to additional research about the product or service that you offer. This also leads to good quality traffic since people who are visiting your website are doing so out of genuine interest, having already read your content and have a good idea of what you stand for.

Increased Sales

Creating good content leads to more interest towards your brand. Delivering good content to the right target audience will entice customers to try your product. Give your customer what you promise and you have the perfect recipe for business growth.

Good quality content is a must for any brand that wishes to maintain a solid identity with its target market, nonetheless, it has to be communicated through the appropriate media in order to reach the right target audience. This is an exercise which requires strategic thought and must be given equal importance as the creation of the content itself.

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