The Relevance of Telecommuting

A few years ago you would have been laughed at for recommending working from home. Today it is a commonly adopted practice and will continue to be so, especially when considering the requirements of work/life balance. The concept of telecommuting is no longer associated with working from a picturesque area, it has become an approach on how we handle work. In this article, we discuss the benefits and relevance of working from home and how this positively impacts business operations.

If we had to quantify the amount of money a company loses due to lack of productivity, we would have some surprising statistics. Distractions like gossip, chatter and other happenings within the office make it difficult to achieve optimum productivity. Telecommuting spurs employee efficiency due to the limited amount of distractions when compared to the office. It allows employees to adapt to their personal and physical well-being needs, and in turn becoming more productive.

Working from home also wins extra time which is compensated from the fact that you do not hustle to an office, thus avoiding the traffic and reducing our carbon footprint.

Another argument in favour of telecommuting is that it keeps the older generation in the workforce, helping them make ends meet without enduring a hectic lifestyle. It also gives them the flexibility to tend to their health without interrupting their work schedule.

Irrespective of the type of business that you run, keeping costs to a minimum should definitely be on your agenda. Teleworking allows you to reduce your operating costs and boost your bottom line. Not only are you leasing less space, but you are also avoiding costs related to office supplies, furniture, equipment, food, beverage and cleaning.

Telecommuting has become a requirement for most employees and companies who fail to implement this benefit into their policies are deemed as prehistoric. Telecommuting is a measure which is compatible with today’s hectic lifestyle and reduces employee turnover.

Considering the benefits it brings, it would be adverse to ignore this trend which has become top of the agenda for potential recruits. Teleworking has developed into far more than a millennial trend with the number of companies making use of this solution. It has disrupted the traditional workplace bringing benefits for both employers and also employees.

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