Organising Client Entertainment

Organising entertainment for your clients can be quite a challenging task and is necessary to maintain good business relations. During this Christmas period it is quite common to organise events for our esteemed clientele as the end of year approaches, beckoning the beginning of a new one. In this article we discuss a few tips on how to be successful with organising events for the entertainment of clients.

Establish your budget

Prior to start planning for your event, seek the approval of an established budget so you can get a good idea of your options and limitations. With this you can propose an accurate plan of what can be expected for this event.

Select a Venue

See some venues so that you would be able to compare and get more than one quote. Obviously you will need to establish that the venue is appropriate for the type of event. If it is a winter event, you will need to ensure that there is enough space inside and an outside area for smokers. In the summer you can organise an event with a larger outdoor area. Obviously ensuring space in an inner area just in case the weather takes a nasty, unexpected turn would be a good move. Also ascertain that the venue is decorated in the appropriate theme depending on the activity and time period.

Distribute Invites

You will need to inform your esteemed guests about your event, a few weeks in advance. Prepare two types of invites for both online and physical distribution. Online invites should be sent before, whilst the printed versions which are sent via postal address can serve as a reminder.

Hire Entertainment

Depending on the event, you may wish to hire entertainment in the form of a band. For obvious reasons and depending on the nature of the event or business, client events should have discreet background music, conducive to networking and communication.

Prepare for Speeches

If key people from the company are doing speeches, you will need to ensure that you have a PA system and microphones so that they can be heard. It is also important to prepare where they will be standing and set a platform if necessary.

Set up Marketing Collateral

Take the opportunity to showcase your visuals by setting them up before the event.

Get Feedback

Catch up with clients during and after the event and get their feedback, what they liked and what they look forward to seeing in the future.


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