How to Stand Out at Work?

Have you ever felt that you are doing a good job however you do not get noticed or recognised for your efforts? Ever feel that you could do more to build your profile and achieve a career upgrade? Getting noticed by senior management can do a world of wonders to your career progression and salary aspirations. In this article, we discuss some tips on how to sustain your reputation and get noticed by the right people.

You will need to perform an excellent job in every task. Doing ‘normal’ or just the usual standard work will not get you far. To be spotted and recognised as a contributor to quality you will need to look for ways where you can go beyond the norm and exceed expectations.

Acquiring an expertise or specialisation in a particular area which is relevant to the business is also a good way to attract good attention. Employees will immediately single you out as an authority in that particular area and you will immediately become everyone’s point of reference for it.

Take initiative and volunteer your input in mission-critical project assignments where you can use your skills to contribute. Participation in such priority projects allows you to showcase your talent, where one should bear in mind that his actions and execution capabilities are under the lens. It is critical here that you focus all your efforts on delivering the pre-established objectives and communicating clearly the successful results achieved.

Take the opportunity to share knowledge about your specific area with other colleagues and departments. An example would be to coordinate some lunchtime sessions where you provide training to other departments, like digital marketing to business development managers. Contributing to your organisation’s internal platforms by sharing how your area of expertise can contribute to the business via a company blog.

You can take an extra step here and offer mentorship to new employees. Having mentorship on your record does not only give you the opportunity of showcasing yourself as a reference point in a key area, but also can be a demonstration of your leadership.

A study by Sun Microsystems found that people who mentored were six times more likely to be promoted into bigger, more rewarding jobs.


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