What makes a Great Resume?

What makes a Great Resume?

A lot is being said about creating the perfect resume for that dream job you have been aching for months. What exactly makes the content of a resume stand out? Whilst we state from the offset that there is no magical formula for instant resume success, we share a few relevant tips which will help you make your case with the recruiters.

Quantify your value

Back your accomplishments by quantifying your impact in projects and assignments. If you are a marketing specialist, indicate the success of your campaigns by providing estimated sales figures and return on investment stats. Other relevant metrics could be how many people engage with your content, which could be proven by how many views you have on a video or the conversion rate of a newly launched product. With such an approach you provide evidence to underscore your significance as an employee.

Be concise

Nobody wants to read an eight-page CV, with job experience going back to when you were a student summer worker. If you have other more relevant experiences to show for, focus on those and be concise as much as possible. Also avoid paragraphs and list bullet points. Recruiters go through hundreds of CVs and long paragraphs don’t exactly yell “interesting!”

Make your interests relevant

Use your interests section as a means to promote yourself and express originality. Travel, reading and movies spark no interest whatsoever so think outside the box. People employ people and bonding from a personal perspective won’t hurt your chances.

Highlight the challenges and competition

If you have been involved in challenging projects with stifling competition, highlight your achievements and the context. Gaining 3 percent market share might sound like a meagre result, however that figure in a tightly knit market with established players could be a remarkable result.

Get feedback

We are biased and will always have a positive outlook on what we do. Sharing your CV with other peers of trust to get some good honest feedback can do a world of wonders. Not only are you getting tips on how to improve your resume, but you are also getting opinions on things you might have overlooked.

Associations with big brands

We are automatically inclined to look favourably at associations with the big guns. Discussing a work experience at a respected corporate or highlighting that you have worked with an organisation which enjoys a certain degree of brand equity will definitely serve as a boost.

In conclusion, make sure that your accomplishments are easily reflected on your resume. You never know, that little bit of a branding push might as well be all you need to be shortlisted as the number one candidate.

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