The Value of Digital Marketing?

We are constantly bombarded with messages coming from all over, through different media at different times in various locations. Business entities are constantly competing for our attention and invest significant amounts of money to get their messages across in a limited timeframe. For the average Joe, these are a nuisance and distractions especially in the middle of a good show or between the first and second favourite radio song.


There was a time where only top businesses used to advertise, through the expensive media such as television, radio and print. The evolution of technology has brought to the fore a number of digital channels where even smaller businesses could convey their message to a wide audience. Such channels include Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter amongst others.


Fast-forward a few years later and we have the overwhelming majority of businesses being present on social media and having their own website. Digital marketing and the various available tools are the present and the future and bring with a set of key benefits which businesses simply cannot ignore.


Demographic targeting

It enables more choice such as  targeting more specific audiences who may be more interested in your product and service offering. You would be able to select demographics such as age, location and sex to deliver your message to the right audience.


Customer insights


Digital marketing is the only medium, which supplies you with customer insights, providing you with invaluable data about the people who interact with your content. It addresses questions such as; What age group is most interested in my product? Are females more inclined to purchase? What are the interests of the people interacting? At what time do they visit my website? How much time do they spend? All these questions can be easily answered by analysing the data provided. This will enable you to make informed decisions for future campaigns.


Cost effective

Digital media enables you to set campaign budgets, based on your preference. This can be controlled at any time, being increased and decreased based on your objectives and performance. Apart from its cost effectiveness, it is measurable as you can generate more accurate cost of customer acquisition estimates. You can also determine the cost of each website visit, along with other relevant statistics.


Revenue growth generator

Using digital marketing effectively can work wonders for customer acquisition and retention. Using a variety of integrated digital media can assist you in gaining new leads, whilst maintaining constant communication with your existing client base.

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