Malta – The Ideal Jurisdiction for Business

We have grown accustomed to constantly hearing that Malta is the place to be for growing, over achieving and ambitious businesses. With a  thriving GDP, established industry sectors bringing in key players to have their say, coupled with the arrival of new companies operating in new fields, Malta is truly positioned as a main European business hub.

Being a jurisdiction of substance, Malta has rapidly evolved into a considerable force in attracting organisations which operate in the remote gaming, financial services, banking, insurance, investment funds, trusts and pension sectors.

So what exactly makes Malta the ideal jurisdiction for businesses aiming to relocate?

Competitive tax structure

Malta is the sole country within the European Union that operates on a full imputation system. On the distribution of dividends made by a company resident in Malta to its shareholders, the dividends carry a tax credit. This is equal to the tax paid by the company out of which the distribution is being made. Shareholders are taxed on the gross dividend at the personal rates but are entitled to deduct the tax credit attaching to the dividend against their total income tax liability.

A pool of varied workforce talent

Malta provides a free educational system up to when one achieves a Bachelor’s Degree from a University or College. This provides ample opportunities for young Maltese nationals to acquire a solid education whilst earning a stipend. With a solid education we have a highly competent workforce in all facets of business, being it accounting, IT, legal, compliance, business development and marketing. Malta also boasts a workforce which is highly conversant in the English language.

Successful track record of business growth  

Malta has consistently proven itself as a successful location for business with companies operating in gaming, financial services, tourism and software setting up shop and poised for further growth. This is combined with the fact that many other international businesses are seeking to relocate to Malta, to enjoy their share of benefits that the country has to offer.


Malta is a small country with numerous areas for some quality downtime and entertainment. The short distances make everywhere virtually accessible and the country enjoys splendid weather with an average three hundred days of sunshine, not to mention it is one of the safest places in Europe!


The future looks bright for Malta as it continues to grow and becomes one of the leading destinations for aspiring professionals. As the country is now poised to become the blockchain and cryptocurrency centre of the world, it is indeed exciting to witness its development and how it will adapt to these constant changes in the coming years.

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